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In My Words

Your Christmas Card

Your Christmas Card

Babes, It's Christmas time. Everyone seems to be so excited for the festive season, I can’t help but wonder how many of them are fack ...

Life Right Now

Life Right Now

  He said he knew I would be different than the average girl… He knew I had lost my fiance and while he didn’t know too much abo ...

Can you trust yourself ?

Can you trust yourself ?

Somewhere along the way I learnt to trust myself. How to follow my gut, my heart, or my spirit. Whatever you want to call it I learnt that t ...

Work with me

Events & Community

Yoga Retreats, Workshops, and Events~ CALENDAR 

It is nice to have time to move deeper into a teaching than is available in class; that is where workshops, longer classes, and yoga retreats come in. Here you will find any of my upcoming events:


Yoga for Recovery:
Lit from Within – Yoga for addiction recovery: a fundraising platform to support yoga and meditation in drug and alcohol addiction recovery.


Life Coaching:
 Sometimes it can seem like we are stuck or out of the flow of life. In that case it may be helpful to seek guidance. Drawing on my schooling in psychology, holistic living, yoga teaching, and life experience I  can support you are you consciously place the pieces in your life. Together we will illuminate areas that seem dark and create new possibilities for you to live into. Create the you you want to be; living by choice not by chance.

Consultations and inquiries:
I am happy to lead a retreat for you, a private group or event. Let's discuss what you are looking for and how I can help!



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Class Schedule

Check their wesite for up to date class times, search Chelsea Ray under instructors!  Oranj Fitness

Connect with me for private, small group, or one-on-one classes! We can customioze anything to fit your needs.  Contact me for private or group classes














Wellness Resources

Resources & Links

There are so many great local places for health and wellness in the Okanagan Valley. I often get asked for my recommendations for various services and resources. Here you can see my favorite places around Kelowna.


  • Chelsea's classes challenge us physically, and we leave feeling like we have moved every muscle, but she also moves her students to take a thought or idea away from class, something to think about. Chelsea, we really love taking your classes and look forward to many more in the future.

    Schultz Family
    Schultz Family,
  • Chelsea brings a realness and vulnerability to her classes as she shares herself in small yet meaningful ways. Chelsea inspires me to want to be a better me.

    Tara O.
    Tara O., Yoga Student
  • Our players worked with Chelsea on a weekly basis and I’m convinced it greatly helped to reduce injuries, we seemed to eliminate almost all of the nagging injuries that can pile up over the long haul.   Pulls and strains were almost non-existent for us. The feedback from the players was always great.

    David M
    David M, GM Okanagan Rockets
  • I love Chelsea's classes. She is very informative and doesn't skip the details. I feel very supported by her in class with her depth of knowledge and energy.

    Lara Y
    Lara Y, Owner, Neu Movement
  • Chelsea is one of the strongest components of our program. Chelsea has a way of making people feel safe about who they are and what they can do. Very encouraging.

    James, The Bridge Youth & Family Services
  • As a store, we are proud to stand beside Chelsea; her heart for others is tremendous and we believe in the change she is creating and the legacy she will leave behind.

    Dewi P.
    Dewi P., Lululemon Kelowna
  • Wow. You have no idea the power your class had on my entire wedding day. I was able to stay grounded and be present through it all.

    Sarah L.
    Sarah L., Yoga Student



"I was lost, I had just finished my Psychology degree and was ready for a "real" job, yet I felt I was missing something as though there was more out there for me then what I was living. Only having dabbled in Yoga, teacher training seemed overwhelming yet alluring, with borrowed courage and  a few kind word from my man I took the training… for my personal practice.  As my passion for Yoga grew so did my desire to share it. Scary, fulfilling, indescribable, life changing, grounding, freeing, expanding; these are only a few things I have come across on my journey.  Yoga has given me access to that something else I was searching for not knowing I had it the entire time, now as a yoga instructor and life coach I work to cultivate that voice inside myself and help others hear theirs.  With a Holistic Nutrition degree and over 1000 hr yoga teacher training my path has changed considerably, and every day I am grateful to those I learn from and those I can teach." 

~Chelsea Ray

Chelsea is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor. She has taken two 200 Hr teacher trainings, one a 5 week immersion. She has taken further education in yoga for therapeutics, yoga for pain, yoga for anxiety & health, kid’s yoga, and meditation. Focusing on aligning the body to bring peace to body, mind, and soul, Chelsea teaches in recovery centers for adults and youths, at a brain injury clinic, studio classes, and sports teams. Chelsea’s focus is on cultivating balance to bring about healing. Leading large community classes to small groups, to private one-on-one sessions, Chelsea is always working to help people on the mat in ways that extend off the mat. Spend some time with Chelsea to get closer to yourself.

To learn more about private classes, retreats, or how you can work with me please get in touch! ~ Chelsea Ray