Wellness Resources

There are so many great local places for health and wellness in the Okanagan Valley. I often get asked for my recommendations for various services and resources. Here you can see my favorite places around Kelowna.



Paula Woodward Acupuncturist

After my fiance passed away I was a mess and have an amazing group of healers who have brought me back to life. Paula has been treating me and I am grateful for her talent. I do not have words to describe how it helps, but it is profound. 

Phone: 236-420-4359


oranj-fitness yoga

oranj Fitness- My Home Studio

Well, this is my home studio. This is where you will find me teaching as well as hanging out. The teachers and students here are like family. We will welcome you with open arms. Offering; yoga, boot-camp, spin, barre, and dance, you will find something that you love.
See you in class!

Phone: 250.448.5759

Email: tmandl@oranjfitness.com

Web: www.oranjfitness.com/locations/kelowna/


Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: nurturing touch massage

Tara O’Kane Nurturing Touch Massage

I have chronic back tension and tightness in my shoulder and neck, I have worked with so many massage therapists but found the next day I would be feeling like there was no change. Until I worked with Tara, her technique and training makes her technically amazing but Tara has a sensitivity to know what is going on in my body and every time I leave there is an openness in my body that really lasts. There are not words to describe this ladies touch. Get yourself to her massage table and feel it for yourself.

Phone: (250) 860-4711

Email: info@ntmassagetherapy.ca

Web: www.ntmassagetherapy.ca


Chelsea Ray Wellness Resources Illuminate Skin Care

Illuminate Skin Care

Mani, pedi, and facials. Sometimes you just need a little pampering. Meredith is a lovely lady running an at home salon, using organic products. I feel good about the products and my skin looks great and feels great after every treatment. If you are needing a little love call her up and she will make you sparkle. Meredith Hansen.

Phone: (250) 575-2009

Email: info@illuminateskincareandesthetics.com

Web: www.illuminateskincareandesthetics.com

Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: Hairstylist Natalie

Hair by Natalie

I do not spend a lot of time getting ready but with the curls I have a good cut makes a world of difference. If you are looking for a hairdresser she's my lady and I would highly reconnect letting her work her magic on you. Natalie runs a sweet home salon and does a wonderful job.

Phone: (250) 870-8085

Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: nature's fare market

Natures Fare Markets

f I am ever getting food on the run it is here. I love the options in the deli, lots of organic, always fresh; so delicious. I also love Nature Fair for selection and the knowledgable staff. They are so helpful and know so much, with my own research and their guidance I always get exactly what my body needs be it a supplement or just a change in diet.

Phone: (250) 762-8636

Email: khosker@naturesfare.com

Web: www.naturesfare.com

Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: Okanagan Health and Performance

Okanagan Health and Performance

OHP is a wonderful place. A community of specialist a that can support you. I love Mike, he is my chiropractor and I trust him. Getting adjusted is not something I enjoy I have a little fear and potential complications just heard some tragic stories. Still from time to time my hips are out of alignment and my Amy upper back can feel stuck and there is very little I can do to help. One or two visits to Mike and I can move freely again.

OHP has more than just chiropractic though they have great massage therapist, physiotherapist, acupuncture, and nutritionist. Need a little support OHP can help you out.

Phone: (250) 860-6295

Email: ohp@ohpkelowna.com

Web: www.ohpkelowna.com


Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: urban harvest

Urban Harvest

I am a big believer in organic produce, juicing and eating so much produce organic is a must. Urban Harvest can either bring it to your door and it feels like Christmas every time I get to dive into that box of fresh amazing organic produce. Or they have a wicked Saturday sale at the warehouse where you can get an amazing deal. I’ll see you there!!

Phone: (250) 868-2704

Email: order@urbanharvest.ca

Web: www.urbanharvest.ca

Chelsea Ray yoga wellness resources: wave physiotherapy

Wave Physiotherapy

I haven't needed physiotherapy much but when I have the Wave team have kept me in good shape. Get your injuries or miss alignments looked at as early as you can, it's worth be proactive and dealing with it right away for the best success.

Phone: (250) 763-WAVE (9283)

Web: www.wavephysio.ca