Lit from Within


The Lit From Within Project came together when myself Shauna Nyrose and Pam Rader became lululemon Ambassadors around the same time. We realized that it was not an accident that we were all friends, highly respected one another, and all had a connection to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Shauna approached us with an outline of what it might look like for us to join together and create a fundraising platform to support yoga and meditation in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. In March 2014 Lit From Within was born.

This is a grass roots project with 100% of the funds raised going to support these endeavours. As we have the support of lululemon our hard cost such as venue rentals are covered, we donate all of our time along with Jamie Langevin who does all the brand and graphic work for Lit From Within.

 We are excited to see where it goes. If you have a skill you would like to offer in support of this please let us know, and stay tuned for upcoming events. 

~with love