Our Intensive Residential Treatment program for addictions, called Bridgeway, has been fortunate to have Chelsea from yogawarehouse guide us for the last year. Chelsea is extremely skilled at providing a holistic and professional yoga experience. Chelsea's knowledge of yoga and her gentle way of encouraging clients is a huge hit with anyone that goes to her class. Chelsea has an amazing ability to adjust the yoga experience to any level, whether a beginner or someone with a back injury all the way up to the highly advanced. Comments she routinely receives are "best yoga ever", "she's an amazing instructor" and "because of Chelsea, I want to learn yoga now". Chelsea's rates are great considering the experience and knowledge that comes with the classes. There is not a better instructor in the valley. Chelsea is the Okanagan's Jewel for Yoga. Chelsea is one of the strongest components of our program. Chelsea has a way of making people feel safe about who they are and what they can do. Very encouraging. - James, The Bridge Youth & Family Services

I love Chelsea's classes. She is very informative and doesn't skip the details. I feel very supported by her in class with her depth of knowledge and energy. - Lara Y. Owner, Neu Movement

Wow. You have no idea the power your class had on my entire wedding day. I was able to stay grounded and be present through it all. Everyone warned me "it goes so fast"... I didn't feel that way at all! I enjoyed every minute and I truly believe it was because of your calming energy and beautiful words that you shared with us during our morning yoga class. Thank you! I am so grateful. - Sarah L., Yoga Student

Where do I begin? Strong intention, soft heart, big smile. Her presence sets a sacred and challenging space to practice yoga. Her voice sweet and comforting, yet daring and drawing. She beckons your strong self with gentle verbal and physical adjustments, awakening and persuading every cell in your body to reach higher, move beyond where you thought you could go. Chelsea brings a realness and vulnerability to her classes as she shares herself in small yet meaningful ways. Chelsea inspires, connects and moves me to want to be a better me. Namaste Chelsea Ray. - Tara O., Yoga Student

We have loved watching and experiencing Chelsea grow into the lovely and thought provoking Yoga Teacher that she is today. Chelsea's classes challenge us physically, and we leave feeling like we have moved every muscle, but she also moves her students to take a thought or idea away from class, something to think about. Chelsea, we really love taking your classes and look forward to many more in the future. See you soon on the mat, - Love from the Schultz Family