Meet Chelsea

Wanting to be a therapist since high school, Chelsea graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. From there, she studied nutrition and fell into yoga. Chelsea has been teaching yoga for over eight years accumulating over 1500 hours of training in yoga for therapeutics, yoga for pain, yoga for anxiety & health, kids' yoga, and meditation. She has taught public classes in recovery centers, in brain injury clinics, she has worked privately for sports teams, athletes, one-on-one, as well as leading retreats.

She has loved her role as a yoga instructor. Still, she wanted to be of service in a more profound way. Completing her Master's degree and taking the seat of the therapist have felt like the perfect next steps. Chelsea works individually with clients in private practice, as well as offering group therapy and psychoeducational talks.

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I was lost, I had just finished my Psychology undergraduate degree and was ready for a “real” job, yet I felt I was missing something as though there was more out there for me then what I was living. Only having dabbled in yoga, teacher training seemed overwhelming yet alluring. With borrowed courage and a few kind words from my man, I took the training for my personal practice. As my passion for yoga grew, so did my desire to share it. Scary, fulfilling, indescribable, life-changing, grounding, freeing, expanding; these are only a few things I have come across on my journey. Yoga has given me access to that something else I was searching for not knowing I had it the entire time.

Now, as a therapist, I work to support others. To offer them a space to hear themselves more clearly. To trust themselves and strengthen their abilities as they navigate whatever challenges they are facing. I love the work I do and am grateful for the clients that trust me in their most vulnerable moments.

I have heard that some people think I look too young to help them. I know more than my age you are wondering if I have enough life experience. I have done my own work and have been tested not only in school but in life as well. I combine research-based practices with empathy and understanding to create an environment to support your work. My story will not get in the way of your work in our sessions, but please know I too have one and my work with you will be non-judgmental and welcoming.
— with ♡, chelsea