Meet Chelsea

Chelsea has been teaching yoga for over 8 years accumulating over 1500 hours of training in yoga for therapeutics, yoga for pain, yoga for anxiety & health, kids’ yoga, and meditation. She has taught public classes, in recovery centers, in brain injury clinics, she has worked privately for sports teams, athletes, one-on-one as well as leading retreats.

She has loved her role as a yoga instructor. Still, she wanted to be of service in a deeper way and has found that as a therapist. Blending what she has learned in yoga with what she learned in University, she has a unique perspective and something different to share. 

Chelsea has a strong focus on aligning the body, the mind, and the soul to bring peace to the person. Spend some time with Chelsea, and she will guide you to a deeper connection with yourself.

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I was lost, I had just finished my Psychology undergraduate degree and was ready for a “real” job, yet I felt I was missing something as though there was more out there for me then what I was living. Only having dabbled in yoga, teacher training seemed overwhelming yet alluring. With borrowed courage and a few kind words from my man, I took the training for my personal practice. As my passion for yoga grew, so did my desire to share it. Scary, fulfilling, indescribable, life-changing, grounding, freeing, expanding; these are only a few things I have come across on my journey. Yoga has given me access to that something else I was searching for not knowing I had it the entire time.

Now, as a therapist, I work to support others. To offer them a space to hear themselves more clearly. To trust themselves and strengthen their abilities as they navigate whatever challenges they are facing. I love the work I do and am grateful for the clients that trust me in their most vulnerable moments.
— with ♡, chelsea