Give It Up To 'God'.


Give it up to God Words I heard in my first teacher training. 

God is whatever it is to you. Something bigger than yourself. For me it is this interconnected web that holds me, that holds us all, that connects everything to everything else through time and space. That reminds me that there is a bigger picture. It gets me out of me, and it offers me space to breath. This life isn't a race.

It is an experience.

There is nothing to get done. We will have aspirations and I believe we all have a purpose, however I have come to know that our truest purpose here is to experience this, to LIVE. To know this time here, these emotions, the situations we are in. To know this experience in our soul.

What if that is all it is about, did you feel it?

Did you touch it, see it, bathe in it.

In it all? The bad, the painful, even the gutting? Did you really feel that too, or did you just think about feeling it? Did you numb it, hoping it would pass? But it never did so you eventually became apathetic?

Did you lean into the unknown, the fear, the excitement? Did you allow yourself to lose control and not know? Did that make you feel even more alive? Or did you miss it, trying to make sure you always looked ‘good’, never being vulnerable? 

Did you love so fully it hurt you? And then did you sit in that pain and let it tear at you till you were more expansive? Or did you retreat and hide?Chelsea-Ray

Did you stay in the know, the safe, the predictable? Did you stick so closely to the schedule, the routine, the ‘plan’ that you strangled any possibility of magic? Did it leave you dull and lifeless? Or did you risk big, stay up too late, and colour outside the lines?

I bet that filled you with the exuberance of a child. Those wise little teachers.

Were you privileged enough to sip in others? Seeing their unique beauty as they fed you with their story. Did you let them in, letting them see the real you? Letting them feel you, know you?

Did you know you?

Do you know what it means to be full? To eat cause it's delicious, to get your fill of attention, cause you allowed yourself to be seen? To devour lessons, absorb teachings, and top it all off with take aways from others? Were you brimming with care for those around you, cause you saw yourself so honestly in them?

Do you believe in abundance? In a larger order of things? That you can have anything you desire… Well you must first believe you are worthy? Maybe that is your real work.

Tell me you have faith in something? Anything. That you believe in the good, and that you trust; trust others, trust your feelings, your self, but mostly that you trust life. Trust that you can handle it all, but know this; you are not in it alone.

Let go of the titles, the labels, the degrees, the education, all the shit you hide behind; take off the the mask. It is getting in your way, you are human, so am I. In that we are the same. We are all part of this web, no living thing better than another.

I want you, in all your humanness. I care not for a robot.

let us see you. Let yourself see you.

We will love you. And if they can't yet, be patient. We are all learning.

Do your very best, show up, give all of yourself to each day, to each other, and then, give it all up to ‘god’.


Your time here is a poetic co-creation between you and something bigger. Let that free you from you.

Let that bring you peace.

Let that let you love . Let it let you live.

~with my love