The Proudest Moment of My Career - Healing Retreat 2017

This week was to date the proudest moment of my career. It brought together an amazing group of people and allowed me to share so much of what I have learnt. Pulling from my formal schooling, yoga and meditation training, as well as what I have learnt through my own journey with grief, trauma, and healing.This retreat was everything I had dreamt of and more.

Like most of my workshops, and special events they come to me in a flash. All at once, I feel them in my heart,  and just know they are meant to come to life. However, putting it all together is the tricky part. For me it is so scary, to take on something of this scale,  but am I ever glad I did. I am honored and humbled that it sold out, that 16 beautiful souls trusted me to not only take care of them for a week but to engage in deeper self study with me. I know not everyone can hold space for others in this capacity, and a little part of me wondered if I could. I am proud to say this is exactly the work I am meant to do.

We had fun, we bonded over the normalcy of life, we played at the pool and lake, but we also explored where we are stuck. We got still and quiet, and took a little time out from the hustle of life to let ourselves catch up to who we are. Looking at if who we are is in alignment with who we want to be. Some of us came with acute pain, knowing we are suffering and looking for healing, others just came for a getaway and some freedom;  the beauty is we all found something we needed.

In yoga teacher training it is often said you don't do it for you, you do it for the students. Well, I disagree. As I poured all of myself into the creation and execution of this yoga retreat I came alive. I found a passion for something that was bigger than me, I found a sense of purpose. A true gift to myself.

There is no amount of work that can take the pain and grief of Rene's death away, however making use of what I have learnt as I have healed gives me life again. I think I have learnt a few things about subtleties in life that can be overlooked. It is wonderful to watch others connect to the softer moments in life as well. To see them listening to their bodies, looking at their patterns and habits, maybe shining the light on some past hurts to ultimately set it free; it is something special to witness others taking time for themselves.

To everyone that attended thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To everyone who wishes to attend I have two beautiful retreats coming up in Mexico. You can expect the same thing, a beautiful mix for rest and relaxation as well as self-discovery and fun, all in a gorgeous location. Details:

~with love