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This retreat has it all. Yoga, meditation, self-study, free time, nap time, beach time, pools, our own private rooftop hot-tub, R&R, an abundance of fresh Okanagan produce making up the most delicious and healing meals. We will be a small group of people gathering for 6 nights to rest, to refocus, to play, to become inspired, to reconnect with ourselves and ultimately enjoy our lives well lived! I could not be more excited to offer this experience to you. This retreat is set in my hometown, the Okanagan Valley. In my opinion, there is nowhere more beautiful. I don't live there anymore but do I ever miss it. The lake, the beautiful huge clean lake perfect for swimming, I miss that. The hot summer days, the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. The warm summer nights, the natural beauty, the local wines. The area is rich in natural beauty and the perfect place to step out of your day-to-day and to spend time reconnecting with yourself.

A Life Well Lived – Okanagan Yoga RetreatAug 19th 2019  5:30 pm – Aug 25, 2019  9:30 am 6808 Westside Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Z 3R8

What you can expect from this retreat: The Okanagan in its prime!


~ 6 nights in a Casa, just our little group in this luxury home. ~ All our meals and snacks made just for us with local fresh Okanagan produce by the most wonderful chef. You will have to opportunity to participate and learn from her as much or little as you like. You can take home new kitchen inspiration and ideas picking her brain on receipts and nutrition, or you can simply enjoy someone else cooking for you as you wish. ~ 2 Yoga and Meditation classes a day These classes are all levels and no matter what your yoga/meditation experience you will be well taken care of.~ Deep Self Study One thing I know is that my retreats have soul! The beauty of a retreat of this length is we get to dive into the organization of our lives and see how it is working for us. The focus of this retreat is on health and each day will highlight an area of focus. Such as mental health, emotional health, the health of our intimate and family relationships or our relationship with yourself and your own worth. Healing work can be a challenge to work into our day-to-day, but here you will have time and space to explore what is not aligned in life, to reset and reconfigure anything that needs some extra attention. ~ An evening with a wine sommelier She will come to us, we will have a chance to learn about the local wine culture, how to pair, how to taste, and best of all taste wines paired with our 4-course meal. ~ Use of paddle boards and kayaks get out on the beautiful Okanagan Lake.~ Beach picnic take your lunch and swim, or tan, sleep or read by the beach. ~ Movie night! We have our own private movie theater so when you need a break from the sun come in and cool off watching a movie from the selection mindful and inspiring or fun and lighthearted. ~ Automatic friends We will be a sweet little group of people coming together for such a wonderful experience. Coming solo or with friends, you will be surrounded by great kind people!

There is so so much more that I cannot put into words. A life well lived. I hope to see you there. ~with all my love Chels


Room selection option and prices: Rooms are first come first serve. They are all fantastic so are mostly priced all the same and the most private rooms will go to those booking early. Booking as solo is great, I will pair roommates or book with your friends! Etransfer your deposit of $ 525  (500 +tax ) to ChelseaRay@cultiavteBalance.ca to secure your room

2 queen beds in large room shared with one roommate  $2150.00 per person 2 queen beds in large room booked together as a group of 3 people $1800 each or 4 people $1550 each. 4 single beds in one large room $2150 each 2 single beds in upper-level glass tower room $2150 2 beds as a bunk bed booked together $1800 per person Penthouse Suite - situated on the rooftop this private suite has one king bed, a kitchen, and your own bathroom. Comes with your own coffee and a bottle of wine, it is magical! double occupancy $2550 per person

Deposits of $500 (non-refundable) holds your spot and the remainder is due by June 1st, 2019.Payment Plan options available.

So, is it your time? If so, put down your deposit and make it happen. I will see you in August!


What other people are saying about my retreats:


      I have been practicing yoga with Chelsea for over a year now and can easily say that I have fallen in love with her and her style as an instructor. She has the ability to challenge me in many different postures I had not previously ventured to try as they are not commonly taught. She does a phenomenal job at listening to what people want and can read a room to gauge how they are feeling; adjusting her classes accordingly. She offers many different varieties of sequences ensuring people stay engaged and I consistently look forward to her class each time. Seeing the results that come with it is an added bonus. Ultimately, whether you are a beginner, mid-level or advanced yogi, and you haven’t been to any of Chelsea’s classes, retreats or workshops, I can guarantee with 100% confidence that you won’t be disappointed.Yoga Retreats: I’ve been on two retreats with Chelsea and have registered myself for a third this coming winter. Even though I have been into yoga for the past few years  now, retreats were a completely new thing for me and I can honestly say I was skeptical going into both as they were in two entirely different settings from what I was used to and I didn’t know what to expect. - Tracey

      I highly recommend Chelsea's Okanagan Retreat at La Casa. It is a perfect location to getaway and relax, re-energize and be fulfilled. The retreat draws me back for many reasons, including the beautiful location and accommodations; the connections made with the other genuine participants; and the wonderful fresh meals made by Tiffany. Chelsea is an amazing instructor that teaches from her heart. She is willing to be vulnerable and shares her expertise and life experiences so you have an opportunity to grow both in your yoga practice and personally. I am always amazed as the intention she sets at the beginning of the practice is exactly what I need to hear when I am on my mat. - Jacie


      The first Retreat: I originally thought of ‘shared accommodations’ as something I may not be too fond of. This ended up being complete non-issue and exceeded my expectations. It added so much to the experience by allowing me to get to know a great group of people that I may not have connected with as well otherwise. This was in a mansion in my favorite Canadian City; Kelowna. There was a TON of space in the place and you could choose a room with as little or as much privacy as you’d like, there were also many different lounging areas and washrooms that you never felt you were getting into each-others way. We had the most amazing chef cook every meal for us from Thai, to Mexican dishes and just something completely original and tasty each day. We normally had our meals on one of the super cute patios looking out on the Okanagan Lake with the amazing landscaping of Kelowna. Add two yoga classes per day, meditation, pool / lake time, this perfect week away had set the bar quite high for the next retreat… - T.M.

      Something in the retreat description just spoke to me - the idea that I would be taken care of, that it would an opportunity to shed some of the emotional baggage I was tired of carrying around, and that we would be immersed in yoga and nature for a whole week.The entire experience was magical - from the exceptional beauty and comfort of the yoga, to Chelsea's intuitive teaching. Her yoga classes offered just the right mix of heartfelt insights and humor, challenge and rest, and her sequencing was effortless. She had a great sense for the emotional pulse of our group and by sharing insights from her own personal experiences, she created a space for others to do the same. All in all, Chelsea's retreat was an extraordinary experience in hitting the reset button, finding deep relaxation and renewal in a gorgeous location, and making new friends and connections. Now that I'm back home, I'm working to integrate some of "retreat life" into my daily routine and hope to convince others to invest in themselves by attending a retreat. -Trina


      I'm going to take this opportunity to say hi and let you know that I'm still finding small ways to feed off the mental and emotional boost that came from our retreat. Lots of small changes in living consciously, facing and moving through fear, and just generally spending more time as my own authentic self. Thank you again and I hope you are well.  - Trina (months after the retreat ended)

For me, the biggest compliment is repeat guests. When someone has come on retreat with me once before and is eager to go again, I know I have done my job well. I am pleased to say 7 out of 21 guests on my upcoming Mexico retreat are repeat guests. I think that says more about guest experience than I ever can. I know making a retreat happen in your life can be a challenge and I do not take that for granted. It is my mission to make the time we have together not only fun and beyond your high expectations but also useful for you as a person and who you want to be when you leave the retreat. It is a beautiful mix of good times and personal work to ensure you are creating a life well loved.

Please let me know if you have questions. Chelsea Ray ChelseaRay@CultivateBalance.ca

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