Aliens, I think you mean people.


The Canadian government did this. They took children from their parents and when I learnt about this horrifying moment in time it disgusted me but then. Then I found out when the last one closed I was 10 years old and I wondered how? How? How was that happening? How did people allow that to happen? How were people not more outraged? I couldn't understand how in the world I knew there were babies taken from their parents put into boarding schools funded by the government and ran by Christian churches in an effort to assimilate the youth. Where thousands of children died, neglect was rampant, and the guise of it's for the best was strong.Never did I learn of this in social studies, never did I really learn of this until I was an adult and investigated. A fairly well kept public secret. The devastation this has caused is profound. Now, here we are. Watching as our neighbor's separate families and again I ask. How is this happening? How? In this day and age, where some of us know so much freedom others are ripped from their children. “Illegal aliens”... they are humans. People. Moms and Dads. They are people.

This is not about immigration policy, it's about human rights. I am not educated enough to comment on immigration policy, but this is not about that. This is about how we take care of people. It's about seeing something so fucking wrong and instead of justifying it or sweeping it under the rug, acknowledging that it is wrong. Residential schools were wrong. Ripping people's children from them is wrong. What we are witnessing is wrong. It seems like we are helpless but we are in fact not. If you don't stand for this say something. Donate. As questions.  If we make something a big enough deal change will follow. I think it's good to have a cause. To see something you are passionate about and take a stand. We have the illusion of powerlessness but is as true now as ever before, never doubt the power of thoughtful committed citizens to change the world.

Now we are a global world, and it is OK to acknowledge that we are not perfect and still take a stand when we see something glaring out of line. There is a better way. There is a better way and we need to demand a better way. A better way to take care of humans, even if those humans have broken the law. This punishment does not fit the crime.We have a more interconnected web of information today than ever before and I hope that helps to put an end to this.

I know this is deeply complex. I know immigration is a heated topic. I understand that there are many sides. Still, I read about residential school, I imagine what it was like during the second world war and I wonder how. How it got so far, how it happened and I look at this and see a fraction of how. It seems beyond us to help, us little people living our lives. But I don't like that answer. I don't have an answer but I have a lot of questions and turning a blind eye on it is not the answer. If this is a concern to you let's stay on it.