Healing Treatments - Okanaga Yoga Retreat

Meet your healers for Okanagan Healing Yoga Retreat 2019! These ladies have something special. I cannot fully put it into words, but when it comes to clear energy from the body they have a gift. I have learnt that sometimes we cannot clear our pain ourselves, and talking can only do so much. Sometimes we need help to move what is stuck and clear our hearts and these two women are the best of the best.


Hi, my name is Vicki,

I am very excited to be apart of this retreat and to meet all of you.  I will be offering you an opportunity to experience an energy healing session where you may feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace.  I practice Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and both modalities treat the whole person in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki (ray-key) is using life force energy through a laying of the hands to help remove energetic blockages that become built up over time and starts to show up in our physical bodies as dis-ease.  A treatment is unique to each individual and is a non-invasive relaxation technique that energizes the body and brings it into balance.

IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) uses a unique Cellular Memory Map to target integration points to clear energetic blockages at a cellular level where our emotions get stored.  Such as Reiki it also treats the whole body and not just the emotional aspect.  The more your energy body opens and vital life force can flow freely through it, the closer you move to a natural state of being: pure joy.

Learning and experiencing different healing modalities has dramatically changed my life in a significant way.  Not only has it helped me navigate through anxiety and stress but it has also opened me up to a new way of living.  I now view the world and myself with a greater awareness and compassion to have self-love and gratitude towards those in my life.  Although there are still difficult times, there is a sense of calmness and understanding that has come out of releasing blockages and letting go.

My intention is to share this knowledge and passion with you so that you may find peace within and to live your full potential.  I look forward to connecting with you in person and sharing all that this retreat has to offer.

Much love,

VickiTrue North Alignment - Energy Healing & Meditation


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