Yoga Teacher Refinement


Are you looking to refine your teaching?Maybe you're newly out of yoga teacher training, or maybe it has been a while since you've taught, or perhaps you are looking to expand your abilities. I would love to work with you one-on-one and go over what specific to you will make you your best instructor. While the specifics will depend on what you are working on and where we need to start but the format will go like this: 4 one-on-one 1 hr. sessions - $475.00+tax

  • Session 1 Meet and go over your teaching/training details and what you perceive you are struggling with. Explore where you feel vulnerable, where you need guidance, and explore how you see yourself as an instructor. Going over anything from sequence planing, to what make a great class, to assisting your students, to how to choose safe and effective postures. We can explore how to theme a class, class timing, appropriate postures for the class you are teaching, and more depending on what you need to explore.
  • Session 2 I come to your class... I know this might seem intimidating but it is something special about my offering. There are very few yoga teacher programs that actually watch you teach. So, if you really want to grow as an instructor this part is the magic! If you are not currently teaching we will do a little class, you will teach me as if you were leading a class. From this I will get a great idea of what we can work on!
  • Session 3 We will go over your class, what I loved, what was amazing, what you excel at and should expand on, and what areas we can refine. What would take your teaching to the next level, and how to spot and bring out what makes you special as an instructor. Finding your voice, your self as an instructor, and what you want to convey as a yoga instructor.
  • Session 4 This session I envision after  you have had a few weeks to implement what we talked about in session 1&3. You will have had a chance to put it into practice and see where, if anywhere, you are getting stuck. If you are feeling great about the new techniques we will start to explore where you want to take your teaching, how you are going to keep evolving as an instructor, and what areas of specialization you might want to consider.

I am really excited to offer this. I love teaching yoga now, but it took me a long time to find my voice, to find a sense of feeling at ease when I'm teaching. I remember being a new yoga teacher and how much I wanted guidance. I am feeling called to share all I have accumulated over the last 7 years. I have over 1500 hrs of yoga training/workshops. Running local and international retreats, having worked in mental health facilities, recovery center, and  studios, as well as in private sessions I have a wide base of information to support your goals.

If you are interested please connect with me to set up your sessions. 250.470.9400

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