Just for a Heartbeat.


He asked what I thought, so I told him:  I think I am drawn to you, not something that happens for me often.   I think you have a lot to teach me, and maybe I you. I think I can live without an agenda, without an end goal. I think I will love and lose, and I am ok with that. I think I can love and let it shift as we rework the relationship over time. I think there is no perfect timing, only the moment you're in.

I think it was electric when you kissed me and I want more. I think not all great relationships will end in 'forever' and in that I find freedom. I think I have a different view on what forever means. I think I will now more than ever let my heart lead the way. Understanding that I'm here to experience, and that might be my biggest purpose. I think I respect you a lot and so will try to honour your process, your needs, and your space. I think that this is scary, uncomfortable, and unpredictable, but that is really where my life is lived. I think it is only as complicated as we make it, but it is guaranteed to be messy. I think you make me incredibly nervous and self conscious. While simultaneously  there are very few people that make me feel as safe as you, and I barely know you. I think you are precious and I want you in my life, but will give you all the distance you need. I think I think differently than most about much, having been through what I have. I think I like how you mirror me back to me. How you have been a catalyst for significant healing for me in this short time.

I think a few other things too, but am not ready to share with you,

just yet. I think I have learnt to love with few demands; to be grateful not greedy. So,

I already love you, but how that evolves I guess we'll see.