Are You With Me?


Babes, Tonight I went out. Up ‘till tonight I have laid low, stayed at the hostel at night and been in bed early, but tonight I went into town. The days are long being that I am waking up around 5:00am and there is nothing in the schedule other than my yoga class. So tonight I got dressed up and went out.

You would have loved it, we would have loved it, live music everywhere, super friendly people, and so much going on. I am missing you so much, and was a little timid going out alone. Of course I wasn't really alone, so many people around and everyone so friendly.

I met a man (Steve) who lost his wife when she was 27 to cancer. He shared his story with me and where he is now. He was lovely, and showed me all around town, filling me in on all the history and local hotspot. I was a little nervous, you know me kinda untrusting, but I knew you would be stoked to have a local tour guide and would for sure have taken him up on it. So I followed him from pub to pub and stayed out way longer than I wanted, just for you!

You were always up for anything and never liked to call it a night, so partly for you and partly for me, tonight I got the full Byron Bay experience.

Going through the worst experience of my life without you, is taking all I have, but I have to wonder if you're close. Steve had a similar outlook on life as me, and it feels like we were meant to meet. I was thinking of just staying in tonight but couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to go, and then, the first place I walk into, first person to really talk to was Steve, and it seems like he had a very specific message for me. The same message as the book I bought at 'random', and the same theme in most songs on the album I bought from a street preformer.

I hear you; follow my heart. We got this. I am missing you like crazy but it’s moments like tonight that make me think you are taking care of me. God I miss you babes. I am sending you so much love. Please stay close.

Rene, I love you.