Mommy Home?!


So I teach a weekly private yoga class to a small group of ladies. The lady whose place we practice at has an adorable little girl, almost two years old. Often when we have class her Dad and her go on an adventure so the house is quiet for us. This evening 6 minutes before class ended I hear the house door open. We are just settling into savasana, starting to relax and everything is silent. Well, that is till the toddler comes in the door, 'Mommy home, Mommy home, Mommy...’ she says. Then we hear them make their way to the bathroom, the water rushes down the pipes. They are walking around, her Dad is whispering but we can hear the voices. I look at her Mom and wonder, what is she thinking? Is she irritated that in the last few moments, the only moments where silence is really appreciated they come home? I wouldn’t blame her. I could imagine many Moms would go upstairs after class and be a little edgy with their husbands for coming home early. But I hope she saw it how I had…

I heard the door open and felt a sweetness rush over me,  her family was home. It was only seconds before I heard the most precious sounds. A happy little girl bursting with excitement to see her Mommy. The first thing she thought of as she walked in, “Mommy home”. Her Dad, a stand up guy taking his little girl out so his wife could have some alone time. He was taking good care of their baby and handling things around the house. They made it home safely and were excited to see her.

Those sounds were treasures. The most beloved sounds. The sounds of the ones she loves.

How her night would play out would depend on how she saw and responded to those sounds. One, she goes upstairs angry that her class was interrupted. Or two she goes upstairs and thanks her amazing husband for being a rad Dad and partner, and she gives her sweet little girl the love she was looking for.

The way her evening goes will depend on the way she is. The way she is, time-and-time again will determine the way her life goes; the way her relationships with her man and her baby girl evolve. Each moment is precious, each situation could be seen from many angles. Choose the one that brings you closer to your loved ones, look for the good, the love, the sweetness.  Never ever forget what really matters. Your babies and partner are not burdens or in the way, they are what it is all about. Hold them O so tightly.

~with my love