My journey to overcome self-sabotage; start to love yourself to health


Have you been circling the same resolutions around for years? Thinking this year will be different? I had been. Through much of my life I have struggled with self-acceptance, I now believe that this is very common but for so long I felt isolated. Every New Year the same; goals of weight loss, looking better, getting skinny, more fit, eating better… it went on and on but the deep rooted goal was always the same. Change the outside believing it would bring inner peace. Think it ever worked?

You guessed it… NO.

It wasn’t till I found yoga that those New Year’s resolutions began to change. Not over night but looking back I see there have been changes. My focus has shifted in so many areas of my life that there is far less space for the constant obsessions over my appearance, over what I perceived to be my flaws. Thinking my happiness would come from changing the outside of my body was not effective, but year after year I was stuck in that head space. Stuck in the story I told myself that there was something wrong with me, thus spending much of my time ripping myself apart. I have come to an understanding that my life’s work is not to look a certain way, shifting my focus to my entire being seeing it as all one, one whole amazing being. I believe the reason I was not finding fulfillment in the past was the way I was approaching things. Spending more time focusing on the list of things I felt I had to do to be happy left me drained and I wasn’t making progress.

Yoga gave me time to see myself clearly on the mat, freedom to create long lasting changes in a safe space, and from there changes spilled out to the rest of my life. My yoga practice detoxified my body in a way that naturally allowed for the changes I had always been praying for to occur.

I have spent time connecting to myself, getting quiet, calming my mind and connecting to my body, learning to love myself. I think this is a bit shocking in our society of picking ourselves and one another apart, but I ask you, how are you going to bring forth what is amazing in you if you are in the habit of self sabotage? If you had a moment pause, a moment where you questioned if there is something amazing in you, I guarantee there is and it is time you let it out! With the work, I have learned to overcome my own story that held me back, moving into a place of healing. Cleaning old thoughts, beliefs, and making space to reach my potential without sabotaging myself.

Interested in moving into your power? Get rid of old stories and heal in order to reach your goals. Make this year the best year by approaching life in a new way. Find a new way to reach your potential focus on clearing your mind and body, getting rid of what you carry that holds you back and move into your greatness.Reach Your Potential Chelsea Ray

Join me on your journey.

Reach your Potential!!

~ With Love, Chelsea Ray