One Person's Trash...


I take it for granted, it has always come easily for me and while it is one of my favorite features it has always just been donate hairthere, needing so little of my attention I take it for granted. I am talking about my hair. My sister and I had long luscious hair as little girls, and while I have cut it and colored it over the years, it has always been there. A while ago I started to feel the itch to cut it, it comes from time-to-time, and I push it aside knowing how much I really do love my golden locks. However, last week I decided it was time to chop it off, I am ready for a change. I knew there would be a decent amount to cut off and thought maybe I could donate it.  Today I seriously looked into what that looks like, who I would donate it to, and what they would do with it. That little research project turned into a heartbreaking experience.IMG_7681

I have taken my hair for granted as it has always been there, so much so I was kind of just going to cut it and leave all that hair in a mess on the floor to be swept up by my stylist before the next client. Until I started reading about the kids that get these wigs. About all the kids out there that right now can not have their own hair. As much as I wholeheartedly believe they are beautiful bald the tears running down my face remind me of what it is like to not feel ok in your own skin. To long for something that would make you feel better. If I can take my hair and give it to an organization that will turn it into a wig for a young person, and that wig gives them a little confidence, that is valuable.

Chelsea Ray YogaI was not going to make the cutting of my hair a thing, who cares? However, I read that each headpiece costs around $1800 to produce (this amount is referenced from multiple wig making sources). The foundation I will be donating to is Wigs for Kids BC. They are volunteer-run, all money is used for the wigs, they are partners with BC Children's Hospital and give the wigs free of charge to the recipient.

I know there are a million causes out there and we cannot help them all. However, this is crossing my path at this moment, and so I am going to put it out there.

I will be cutting my hair Saturday, May 12th and donating all 12 inches ish which is enough to make one wig! I am also going to send along a cash donation. If you would like to add to my donation I will send every cent I receive with my hair and my cash donation.

There is no pressure like I said I know we are all invested in causes already but if this one resonates, please send your donations by Sunday, May 12th!

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