Sometimes I am overtaken by the fact that only three and a half years ago my entire life fell apart, and yet I am here now. In some moments time seems unbearably long and in others impossibly quick. I waiver in how much to share about the way out of the hardest times of my life because I think just because it worked for me does not mean that it is the right way or best way and it may not be the way for others. Yet, in moments like this when I look at the life I have recreated out of such pain I am grateful for the teachers I have had over the years who have shared and given graciously of themselves. They taught me, I took out of their stories what I needed, and I grew myself out of what I gathered. I like the seekers. The people who are searching for themselves, questioning, digging, taking insight from wherever they can. I was a seeker long before my world fell apart. I had been on the path of self-discovery for most of my life, and it served me well when at 29 years old everything I thought I knew dissolved when my fiance passed away white water rafting. I did not know that could happen. Of course, I knew people died but hearing it in the news and living it are nothing alike. I was reeling, I was trying to re-configure a world where your life partner could just disappear, the dreams, the whole life we had imagined gone with him, and I had no idea who I was.


But here I am. From that to this. Over the years I have been forced to do some real soul searching. Much personal work. Everything from emotional awareness work to goal setting, to life building. I knew I needed to clean up all the confusion and anger that resided in me if I was ever to create the life I wanted. I knew I needed to become the person who would have the life I wanted. Someone who trusted life, who was able to love and be loved, someone who took chances again and found her passions and goals. Slowly over the years I started to find my way. It was serious work. I was in the mud for a long time and still dance in and out, but the general trajectory has been upward. I have found my footing, I have found a great love, a new place that feels like home, and am nearly done my education to be a therapist. This is not the life we were previously creating. It is not a life I could have ever imagined, and yet it is a life I love

So, this is it. If I can come from that to this in three years, what can you do? And with that in mind I know I am here to teach, not to spoon feed you what you need to do, but to help you become a seeker. To ask you questions that put you on the path to your own discoveries, to build yourself into the person that has the life you desire.
That is my work here. To inspire, to share, to give generously and perhaps you too will find a life beyond what you ever thought possible