There Are No Rules.


I don't believe in God, I don't believe in organized religion and I sure as hell don't believe in others telling me how my life is meant to be lived. But I do believe in intuition, in a bigger connection, in awakening, and in love. Not just romantic love but all kinds of love, the love that binds us. 

I have no idea what's right for you, No one does... O wait, you do! I believe we know exactly what fits us, we just can't always hear it's call, so cultivate your listening. Ask yourself more and other far less, maybe not at all. Be a rebel... live YOUR life. Why would you not? You most definitely are not on this planet to follow your neighbors, or your boss, or your financial adviser. Take it all in, everyone your teacher, but distill until it pleases your palette.

I am less interested in disease and the medical model, so speak to me about health, healing, and the being that is greater than its' parts.  We are not dis-functioning pieces, we are evolving creatures.

Sadly I must believe in death, it is all too real to me. Yet, being ravaged by death, I believe in life. Life lived through all the senses, even the ones science knows little about. Everyday I pay respect to what beats my heart, and trust that when it pumps for the last; then is my time. My time to play in another way. I don't believe in heaven or hell, but the shift of energy. Never created nor destroyed, so in a way are we all reincarnated?

I don't believe in separation and competition, for what? You will never be me and I never you. While I have no desire to replicate you, I'm drawn to know you; sit with me and set your story free.

We are life. Here is a secret; I have made it, you have made it, we are HERE. What are the fucking odds?!? 1: 400,000,000,000 that's what... Are you wasting it?

When asked what my goals in life are, it is simple: To live, to fully live each day.   To be brave enough to follow what awakens my heart, trusting it will not lead you astray.

I am undefinable, you are undefinable. We are not our titles, labels, paychecks or careers, we may have those but you, you sweet soul, you are magic.

~with love