Love Your Man


The love of a man.IMG_8753 Pay attention to them.

Tell them you see them, you feel them, you love that they are with you. Maybe it's the way they brush your hair out of your face. Or how your hand fits perfectly in theirs. Maybe it's the way they look at you, with an admiration and an awe that you are with them. Maybe it's a random text or an inside joke that makes you blush. I loved the flirt. 

Maybe it’s the way you feel your eyes light up and your face soften when you see them. Like any worry in your life melts away in their presence, they’ve got you, so you can relax.

Or the way they make you laugh like no one else can. Rene and Chelsea, love your man Don't overlook the security in their touch or the sacredness of their kiss. I miss so much that I was never conscious too. I crave the pressure of your body against mine, no one hugs me like you. I long for your kisses, gentle yet powerful.   I miss the way I snuggled right into your chest and fit perfectly.  

How you'd take every opportunity to draw me in. I all too often said, ‘babes I'm busy’.

I'm sorry for that.

How could I have been too busy? What is more important than you?

What I would give for one more moment with you. I miss how silly you were with me, how you'd laugh at everything.

Often shit that wasn't funny, it irritated me, ' babes, I'm serious' I'd say with my stern voice, usually making you laugh more.

God, I miss that.

How you could get under my skin like no one else. My first, and I thought last, we always had that.

Fuck... I miss your touch.

Stay close to  your love. Love them. That's it, that's all. See them, touch them, lean into them. Tease them, court and play with them. Give them your time, there is no substitution for that. This is the stuff I miss like crazy.5D3_0727

The love of my man.