Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle Series


Wednesday  Nov 2nd  - Dec 7th  2016. 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm Sold Out

Location oranj Fitness. You do NOT need to be a member.

Location: Oranj Fitness: 529 Lawrence Ave KelownaBring: water, you may want a pen and note pad, of course you can bring your own props, but we also have anything you will need.

This 6 week series will focus on empowering you. You will learn techniques of meditation, soothing breath, and gentle yoga. You will be ready by the end to practice at home long after the classes are over to continue bringing peace to your life.These classes will be small, personalized and very welcoming. Please come as you are and learn how this practice will make you feel better in all areas of your life.

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Week 1- intro to Yoga, Mediation, and Breathing practices

Meet the group, we will be the same group for all 6 week and will develop an open honest space, all learning together. Intro to yoga and meditation this week we will have a very gentle class with the focus on a deeper connection to ourselves. Exploring what yoga and meditation is, the benefits, how you can start to incorporate small home practices into your life to create healing every single day.

Week 2   Exploration of alignment and body awareness

We will have a yoga class, this class will bring attention to the breath and how we can use the breath to calm the body and the mind. We will explore several techniques that can easily be used throughout your days when you feel any emotion that is overwhelming. We will have a small mediation and further explore the benefits and simplicity of it to make it very usable for you in a home practice.

Week 3 Food that heals, Nutrition

This week we will get into nutrition… It is very hard to create a space of healing if the body is not nourished. Hard to think, to sit, a lack of nutrition can lead to many of our conditions; anxiety, pain, fatigue, stress, depression, weight gain, arthritis, and of course bigger issues of heart disease, stroke, skin issues just to name a few.  We will go over basics of nutrition and very adoptable steps to add more nutritious foods into your day to day.

Week 4 Restorative practice slowing it down to heal

Yoga, meditation, and breath work. We will have a delicious practice, move our bodies, connect, feel, and sit, really finding a moment of stillness. This practice will be the majority of the class and allow for a little more movement as well as a restorative practice to create space for the body and mind to heal. We will have time for discussion to go over anything that came up from the week before and your week of progress.

Week 5 creating a home practice

We will start this class with some intentions for ourselves, making promises around our self-care practice and get clear on what we are willing to do it keep ourselves healing and feeling well. We will have learned a lot by this point and will make solid plans to keep doing the work that we have found useful for us. We will go deeper into nutrition that supports the body’s natural healing process, making it as personal as you need everyone will leave with a plan and a lot of direction for the week to come. We will of course have a small yoga practice, with breath work and mediation.

Week 6 questions, sharing, and a well-rounded practice.

The final week! It will already be here and you will be amazed at your progress. This class will consist of a long yoga practice, incorporating breath techniques, a nice guided relaxation, and mediation. We will have time for a discussion around the nutrition for the weeks before so you are very comfortable with your plans moving forward. We will go over the promises we made to ourselves around commitment to our personal care and healing. You will end these sessions, with confidence, many strategies for future success around health and self-love, and hopefully a few new friends.

I am passionate about showing others how beautiful they are. If you are working with pain, whether it be physical or emotional this is a great place for you to be. This series will be intimate, a very small group you will be immediately welcomed. There is no need for experience or knowledge of these concepts that is what this class is for. All I ask is you arrive with an openness to try, to learn and to be supported.

I have an undergrad in Psychology, over 1500 hrs of yoga training, courses on yoga for pain, and anxiety, as well as a Holistic Nutrition Degree.  I have been in pain myself, I was very sick as a child, I was disconnected from myself and my ability to heal myself until I found, natural ways to help the healing such as; nourishing  food, yoga, and more information about my ability to change myself. I would love nothing more than to share with you the tools that have been shared with me.

You will want to bring, a note pad, pen, and water to the sessions. Anything else you will need will be supplied for you.

Oranj Fitness: 529 Lawrence Ave Kelowna

No membership to oranj needed.


If you have any questions or would like to chat please do not hesitate to reach out.


If cost is a barrier but you want to attend please let me know. I will do all I can to accommodate.