I Know You Will be Waiting For Me.


This was our way. We would grow and wait for the other to catch up. Sometimes we pushed one another, sometimes we were patient, and sometimes we almost gave up. Even when we were young and we would break up and get back together, we were really always together. We were always looking out for one another; in love. It started with you, you liked me but kept it to yourself till I felt it. You were a friend and waited for me to see you like that. Then I couldn't wait any longer so I kissed you first. A teenage boy you were so sweet, waiting for me to be ready, and I really did make you wait. Then my turn, I waited for you to grow up, to get your partying out. You waited for me to trust us. We waited for one another to travel.Rene and Chelsea

You waited for me to meet you as a grown up. You paused so I could catch up to the whole, house, career, dog, marriage thing. I felt like a kid with an adult life. We are still kids. Babes I have no idea where you are now but I know you will wait for me.

That's our thing.  We didn't need to be literally beside one another to be together, to feel one another's care.  I am still loving you. I will meet you when I am done here. When I have learnt what I need to learn and done what I need to do. You got through it so much quicker than me. Just like math class, you would be done the assignment and I would be on question 1 but you'd wait for me to finish, help me, and teach me... Probably cause I wouldn't fool around till I was done.

You waited for me to warm up to the idea of a family. I waited for you to want a puppy… Well I kinda just forced that one. But sometimes we did that too. You forced me to own the life of a business person when I wanted to be a free spirit. Honestly we weren't perfectly matched but our love was the lifeline and the rest unfolded. That is still there, the love will remain forever.

You pushed me to grow and expand and that hasn't changed. You are still the catalyst for my transformation. We would outgrowth one another and through that we would see our greater possibility. Seeing one another's potential and tease it out. You saw so much in me. You saw me as a leader and a teacher. I saw a softens and kindness in you that you didn't recognize. It is through each other that we became more fully ourselves. More complete versions of us.

You took on pieces of me and me of you. We became more whole through one another. Rarely at the same time. Sometimes it was easy and others it was rough but we sculpted ourselves through the reflection of one another.

So you got there before me, babes. I know you won't give up on me.  I’ll meet you when my chores are through.

Till I see you again, I'll be loving you.