Living With Another Man.


Babes,the Fam Tomorrow I have a roommate moving in… How is this happening? Before we bought this house we talked about having a roommate move in with us, but then we just loved our own space so much we couldn’t do it. This was ours, our escape from the world. We put a lot of work into this house and we made it a beautiful home. You are everywhere in this place.

I never thought I would live with another man. I never really thought I would live with anyone else, maybe our little ones one day but mostly it felt complete with you, me, and Ollzie. My rational mind knows a roommate is for the best, he is great and it will be nice to have someone around. He likes dogs so I think Ollie will be happy, but no matter how logical I can be about this as move in day approaches I fucken hate it.

I hate it so much, babes I don’t want to live with anyone else I only want to live with you. There has been some situations that make this disgustingly real. Each one making it more and more true in my heart. This is one of those moments. I can no longer in some way pretend that you are coming back. You are never going to share this space with me again and that hurts so bad.

ReneSo tonight, I drink our favorite wine, have chips for dinner in front of  fireplace, and feel a little sorry for myself.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. For creating this comfortable space with me. For providing for me so beautifully. My heart breaks a little more tonight.

I miss you so much.