A Conscious New Year's Eve.


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An intentional New Year’s Eve.  I have wanted to put this on for years but never got around to it. This year there is nothing I would rather do. An evening for us to come together and take stock in the years past, deeply connect with the present, and set intention for our future.New years eve

This work dramatically changed my relationship and who I am. I am grateful for who it made me and  how amazing it allowed me to be with my fiance. I want to share this with you and offer you the chance to start your new year off well. No hangover, no sluggishness, but instead a steadiness and grace as you leave 2015 behind and awaken in 2016.

Join me for a lovely evening.

We will take stock in the year that passed, counting our blessings. We will look at what we want to create in our future and how to make that your reality.

I will guide you through a complete yoga class leading us into a mediation. We will end our mediation right at 12:00am. We will enter 2016 conscious, clear, and awake.

This is your life, live intentionally.

8:00pm - 12:00am


all levels welcome  Come as you are .

Neumovement: 1974 Kane Road, Kelowna,




Bring something to write in, a pen, your mat, and lots of layers.

If cost is a barrier but you want to attend please let me know. I will do all I can to accommodate.

~with love




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