Recapping Seeking Sattva the amazing Petite Yoga Retreat In Kelowna.

What a day, Shauna and I were hanging out and I asked her if she would be want to plan an amazing day with me that would include; deep work on creating our life, yoga,meditation, delicious nourishing food, and relaxation. She was in so we put together the Petite Retreat! There was a lot of planning, 50 people and I was making all the food, grasshoppers took over our location so we needed to find one just days before, but it turned out to be even better than our original so it was really a blessing.

We went over major areas of life that can help us create more balance in our lives. Worked as a group to share and support one another as we created real change in our lives. Following this we had a full 90 minute yoga class. What a treat to get the time to not only go through a strong vinyasa, some long hold cool down postures, pranayama, a meditation, and a long juicy savasana.

We ate a healthy and yummy meal of raw organic dishes. I was worried there wouldn't be enough food but there was, the dessert was close only one piece not eaten. If you want to try the dishes check out the recipes! We ate together, chatted, visited, and had time to connect

We ended the day with pool time, sun tanning, and even some of us had time in the hot tub.

Thank you to those who joined us, and made this day so amazing. If you want to join us for follow up workshops to this one check out the details.

With love

Chelsea Ray