The Suitor.


Yes, I found someone to take what was to be Rene’s wedding suit. Somehow it feels private, their story not mine to share, but I have received many inquiries for a follow up, so here it is. Once I shared my desire to find the right person to take Rene’s wedding suit and wear it proudly, a few other news sources shared the story as well.

With their help I received almost 60 inquiries. Some funny, some intriguing, and many heartbreaking. It took me a while to sift through them all, but I kept coming back to one of the first that came in. Just like when I was wedding dress shopping, I just knew. There was nothing more deserving of this person than the others; it just felt like the one.

His ex-wife wrote me, telling me that when they were married he had always wanted a suit. While they were never able to purchase one, she had always wanted to get one for him. They are no longer together but hold a special place in one another's hearts. The details of their story not mine to share, but also not what was of most importance for me. Between the lines I read a love story. Their story was one of true love; it has shifted, has reworked, has been tested, and has had dark moments, yet through it all the love remains. I read their story and thought of me and Rene. The wedding for me was not a guarantee of happily   ever after. It was a promise to be the best we could be for one another no matter how that played out. A snapshot in time where I believed we were better together than we would ever be apart. And while this couple chose to rework their relationship, true love remained.  

They came by together, picked it up, and that was that.

This gentleman will rock his new suit and I think Rene would be proud!