What you Might Not Know About Lululemon.


I know lululemon is getting bagged on lately, but I owe this company a lot. I had reservations at first about being an ambassador. I didn’t know much about the company and at the time I was hesitant about even calling myself a yoga teacher. I felt insecure as a teacher and wasn’t sure I really represented lulu, or wanted to. However, I was a new yoga instructor and the exposure good for me, plus they could support projects close to my heart. Before I was even brought on as an ambassador they donated a large sum to get yoga props into a recovery centre I was teaching at.  I was told as an ambassador they would support my projects, to me that was worth it. Yea I got some swag, but more than that they have stood by my social initiatives and they have stood by me. Lululemon is the reason Lit From Within exists. Shauna, Pam, and myself, became ambassadors around the same time. That was the catalyst we needed for Lit to come to life. Plus lululemon has financially supported Lit so that every cent we raise goes back to the community. Covering our hard costs, that is hundreds of yoga classes we can offer groups that benefit from yoga and meditation but are not able to fund it.  They ask us for nothing in return, they had been good to me. 

Then the accident happened…

Let's be honest, I am not a big deal for lulu. I'm not famous, and have nothing really to offer them. Still, just after the accident the Kelowna store asked how they could support me. Lululemon’s support went above and beyond. I am in awe of how they stood by me, but even better is what they give back to the community on a continual basis. They do it quietly. No show, no big thing, no need for credit. It is only from the inside that I see all this and I feel blessed to have them on my side.  IMG_2962

Dewi (Kelowna’s stores community leader) asked me if I wanted to write for the main store window for the holidays. No product showcased, just something inspiring. Again, lululemon is standing for me when I am feeling shaky. When they first asked me to be an ambassador I was still hesitant to call me self a yoga teacher even though I was teaching full time and making a living from it. At the ambassador photo shoot Shauna  said to me, who else do you need to believe in you before you will believe in you?

From that day on I called myself a yoga instructor. So when I was asked to share writing for the window I thought, shit I don't have anything inspirational. But then thought, if they are asking they might just see something in me I can't see yet.

So I wrote:


Life is simply a collection of moments.

Don’t rush this breath thinking the next will be better.

See the beauty in right now.


I have learnt that no moments are more important than any other. Don’t miss the sweet moments in life racing for ‘big’ moments. Watch that you are not getting caught up in being busy for one big day… say Christmas. We may be tempted to pretend like we need to be so busy. or so stressed, or whatever you like to be, but you don’t.

The word grateful doesn't even begin to describe how I feel that 27 days from our wedding and my man and I were solid. Imagine how I would feel if I had been a bridezilla, thinking that my wedding day was so special it somehow allowed me to be awful leading up to it… I would never get over that. The reality, the wedding never happened but the love in the days leading up to it, I have that. 

Do not be a frazzled mess just because you are preparing for Christmas, or your birthday, or your wedding, or whatever other luxury day you are fortunate to partake in. Don’t be confused thinking that that moment is more important and somehow allows you to be anything but present in this moment.   

Here is the truth, no moment is more precious than the one you are in. This is it.  I beg of you, do not over look now for tomorrow.IMG_1293

This company has done a lot for me. There is something precious about having someone believe in you and stand for your success. Thank you lululemon, and specifically the Bernard av. store for believing in me and supporting me along the way.  

~with all my love.