You Perfect Little Soldier You.


When did we stop asking questions. When did we start taking something seen on FB as truth. When did we stop asking for sources and references. When did we blindly follow the fear? We have done this before. I learnt about it in school, they told me it was called propaganda and that at the time they printed it in the 'news' papers. We sat there saying that's not right. Our sweet young selves seeing it so clearly. But here we are. We are, now partaking in it. When did we stop seeing our neighbors as us and start seeing other human as an enemy. When did we let the movement of fear take us over and turn us into soldiers? Right, yes, we have done this before, I learnt about it in school. There was a man with an agenda and through fear and propaganda neighbors turned against neighbors. We learnt about it and our sweet young selves said, that's not right. But here we are.

Just because it is printed or said does not make it true. Just because it makes you scared doesn't mean you need to react.

We think we have so much access to knowledge. 'Google it'. But we have propaganda at every turn. It goes both ways, the problem is we stopped asking questions. We stopped seeking truths. So now the ability to access knowledge and be worldly is working against us. It has become this submission of any message downloaded into our being at all times of the days. No filter, no fact checking, no need for truth, agenda pushing. 

We are seeing the problem that is created when people are satisfied with only a little bit of information, skewed and otherwise. Mixed with a lack of interest for deep understanding.  

Wake up, stop being blindly lead like good little soldiers. Ask questions, feel the gut reactions in your body when you see something or read something and ask… Who benefits from this, from me feeling this way? From this feeling created in me when I read this. Then look for who wrote it… See where I'm going with it. The reaction and then source probably a perfect match. The mission complete when you do exactly what they intended. Ex: milk is the best source of calcium, you must consume a dairy product at every meal or you risk loss of bone density, and ultimately osteoporosis.

Let me make this clear… That's not true. However, because you read it and I used a technical term and maybe you've heard something like it before now you're adding milk to your grocery list, don't. Those messages are from the dairy industry. They have a vested interest in you consuming dairy. True or not, people will take it and change their eating habits because of this thing they read. Not looking into the validity of the claim. It is not true but few will care about that.

How is this happening? Things get written, and true or not we are living like they are. We are doing this on massive issues, like peoples lives. The milk thing a trivial example of a large issue. We are smarter than that. We have minds and can ask questions and can source information.

We do not need to believe the propaganda. If we only had one news source and that paper was printed and distributed and we had no other access to truth. well. Wait we have seen that, I learnt about it in school.

I challenge you not to share, or take anything you read to heart till you find who wrote it. What is their agenda? Who are they? What are their sources? And what are the agendas/funding of the sources? One more for good measure, what are the differing views on the topic?

Until you can talk to me about all that, stop sharing fucking propaganda as truth. You perfect little soldier you.

Did you know you are being used? With every share, like, click through, you are perpetuating that message. It's ideal really, keep the population ignorant, feed them fear, and they will do as we say. We have seen this before, I learnt about it in school, and I thought to myself ‘ how the hell did this happen’. Now I see.

Rebel, use your mind and your heart, seek truth, look for differing opinions, the other sides of the stories, the other possibilities, get curious, investigate, ask questions. Get off the bandwagon of hating other humans... we have seen that before, I learnt about it in school. And in my opinion it was disgusting then, and it is disgusting now.

Make up your own well educated mind. And if you are too lazy to do that, then, I want to say this thing here but my Mom told me never to say it because it's rude… But it cannot be as rude as people perpetuating false ideas that spread hate and separation just because someone is too complacent to give a damn. So I'm going to say it. If you are too lazy to educate yourself and make up your own mind, then shut up.

You don't need to think what I think, but I beg of you, THINK.

~with love



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