When We Used To Jump On the Bed


Babes, O my love, my love, my love. Tonight I am sleeping in a very nice hotel and as I was booking it, I kept thinking about you. Would we stay here if you were with me? I guarantee it would be more fun if we were together!  Sometimes you were extravagant, well much of the time especially on vacation. But then there were other times when we were minimalist. Like on the way back from Trucks when we changed our flights to not have to stay at an airport hotel over night, but ended up having so long waiting at the airport. Hahaha it was ridiculous and we learnt our lesson. I was motion sick, tired and grumpy, and you were so sweet to me. Babes, as I opened the door to my room tonight and saw how nice it was it pained me. I want you here with me, to enjoy how lovely it is. To make it feel like home, it seems like a waste on my own. Whether we were hotelin’ it for fun or work I  loved that time with you. It was times where we were playful and easy with one another. 

The early days staying in your parents time share at the Grand with your fam were the best. I remember the first time I stayed there with you.  You, me, and your sister swam all evening. I had a cold and wasn’t sure I even wanted to join you guys, but you convinced me and we had a blast. All three of us played in the pools that entire weekend, it was perfect. I was falling in love with you. Awe babes, that would have been grade 11 I think. We enjoyed those weeks at the Grand. I can’t believe we will never have weeks like that again. I really cannot believe it.  

O Rene, we were not perfect, by any means we were so not perfect. You my love would drive me crazy. You could irritate me like no other, and I you. We had it dialed, knew exactly what buttons to push to piss each other off. Hahaha, we would bicker and disagree and could even be petty. We were messy and could take each other for granted. You know, we thought we had so much time. We were very passionate and I miss that. I miss it all, the sweetness and the madness.

I loved travel with you, hotel time was good! I think our first trip was when you took me on a surprise trip to Vancouver. I didn’t know anything about it. You asked my parents, my sister packed my bag for you, and you got my work covered. I thought we were going for dinner, till we were on the Coquihalla. It was the perfect weekend. We were young and I was shocked my parents said it was Ok. You could be extremely persuasive when you wanted something. The next full surprise trip was N.Y..  Babes, you really did have it, you set the bar high. I know we were not always so dialed. We had trips that were a little flat, where we were not as connected, but we would work hard to make our way back to each other. 

Now I cannot make any sense of you being gone. Not like gone and onto something or someone else. I am sure that would be fucking brutal as well, but I think I could wrap my head around that, but this. Being here and not being able to call you and tell you all about it. You would be delighted for me. Like when Lululemon sent me to Landmark or when you were at the Synlawn conference. We had great hotels and just called each other to talk about how lovely it was. Awe Rene, thank you for loving me so beautifully.

For seeing so much of the world, and 'napping' on so many beds with me.

I hope I told you how much I loved you. Babes you were a wonderful man and I am missing you so very much.