The Co-Creation of Your Life -Yoga/ lifestyle Workshop


Here is what I have come to believe. We are in constant creation of ourselves and our lives. Only it is a dance with something bigger, it is not only our will that prevails. Still, we have tremendous control in how things play out, but without even knowing it we often give that up. I will share with you how opening your eyes to all the 'gifts' in your life, you will see your ability to  creating your life, what you have created, and what you want to create. There are opportunities in your life all the time, there are also 'tests' or opportunities for you to solidify your commitment to what it is you say you want. So, even when things happen that appear to be (or are) out of your control, the life you live is still of your creation.

I believe this to be true now more than ever. While the life I was creating fragmented the moment I heard of the death of my beloved, the life I am living is still my design. Yoga has taught me a lot about being with what is, about being awake to the moment. I will build on those ideas and we will discuss it in terms or co-creating the life you are meant to live. I will offer the idea that life need not be a struggle, but a series of chances to live, to explore, to create, and to experience. 

Join me Sunday April 17th from 1:00pm- 3:00pm


Motion Works, 1607 Pandosy Street, Kelowna

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I will share, we will chat, and then we will practice it through the body during a sweet yoga practice. Bring your mat, if you need one let me know!

All levels welcome, if you want to be there, I want you to be there!

~with love

A little writing I did around this idea a while ago:


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