When In Doubt Refer Out


When In Doubt Refer Out

This is a teaching I have taken to heart. My first yoga instructor told us this in yoga teacher training, if a student comes to you with something that is outside of your realm of knowledge; refer out. Our teacher encouraged us to build a network of professionals that we could refer to, for example I have a great network; a physios, massage therapists, chiropractor, and personal trainer, all of them are amazing and I do not hesitate to refer my students to them when their questions are out of my realm of expertise. Unfortunately not everyone was taught this.

About a month ago I started a search to get trucker hats screen printed with Okanaga Yoga Retreats logo. This sounds like a simple task, only we were on a short timeline. So I ordered the hats and they came in quick, things were looking good. Then I needed to find a place that could execute, I chose a place I had heard of and driven past a lot. I called them and followed their instructions; sent my logo file and brought my hats in.

Then weeks went by and I heard nothing, no answers to my emails or calls. I had a deadline and was getting worried about it. Over a meeting with Shauna (my business partner) she suggested I go somewhere else… Of course why had I not thought of that?photo 2

Bright and early only 6 days out from our yoga retreat start date, I call and go to pick my hats up. I was ready to move on. Well they answered, and get this, they had started the hats! I thought PERFECT, I was there anyways so I asked to see the hats... UGLY, that is what they were.  They were creased, apparently caused by their screen press, the logo was huge, and off center but not the cool kind, more just sloppy work. They proceeded to tell me that it was due to the quality of the hats. They told me there was no other way, making me feel bad about it. I walked out left them the hats and thought it was my fault for the hat choice. I only had them do three and they still charged me, set up and "design".

I sat in my car, knowing I could never use those hats, I called Artix Custom Screenprint. They answer my first call, they said they thought they could do better but to come in and send the logo and they would see when I arrived, O and, they specialize in last minute projects.

I rushed over there between teaching yoga classes and the guys at Artix were amazing!!! WOW. I couldn’t even believe it, I went in all sheepish worried the hats I bought were not good, and then they told me, the hats are great just not for certain equipment.  They explained how their machine doesn’t get as hot and some more technical things I didn’t fully understand but I felt confidante as they were showing me all around their office.  In the ten minutes I was there they photo 1had it all set up and had my hats ready by the end of the next day.

I gave both companies the same details for how I wanted the logo to be placed on the hats, for real, literally they exact same list; placement on the left side, small, tilted and so on. See the difference?

I am so pleased with the work Artix did and am very discouraged by the work from the other company. If you are not the one to do the job, refer out, if you need screen printing give Artix a call, and if you want a hat, come on retreat!

~with love

Chelsea Ray