Yoga: Home Practice


Join me at my home for weekly  intimate yoga classes. These will be small classes max 4 ppl, you will be welcomed no matter what your level or experience. Join our community and practice with me. These classes have become very alignment focused and more yoga for physical rehab. Of course anyone is welcome as we work very specifically to make the yoga heal your body, mind, and heart. I love working with people with injuries or areas of concern. We still have a full practice to create over all healing as well as getting clear on how certain moment will be supportive for you. For example I have a group that all are very restricted in the chest, one lady had surgery, another is a hair dresser and the other works at an office. They all suffer with tightness in the chest and so while we always have a well rounded practice there is special attention payed to creating space in the chest and strengthen in the back and core. I invite you to join us, if you are new this is perfect for you, if you are dealing with stress in your life, or an injury, if you thought yoga wasn't available to you , I am here to tell you it is.

These are pre-registered classes only as space is limited. You can reserve your spot on going or week to week. You must let me know by Sunday if you are attending for the following week.

Register either by purchasing your classes here or calling, messaging or emailing.

Class options:


Tuesdays: 5:45-6:45 pm

Wednesday: 10:30-11:30 am

Friday 9:30-10:30 am

I am happy to add new times, if you have a group that would like to come let me know and we will set up a time your group.

Private  classes are always available $50+ tax and we will work out a time just for us.


"After being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through the necessary surgeries and chemotherapy, I found my body to be very stressed and weak.  I was doing regular physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractor appointments to help with my post mastectomy symptoms.  Knowing that my blood pressure was high (reading 161/93 in January 2016) I had mentioned to my physiotherapist that I felt it was taking such a long time for my body to regain strength and energy and that I was still very stressed with all that I had been through.   I told him that I had made a goal and commitment to myself to get my body conditioned and healthy before I was faced with the next stages of my journey, breast reconstruction. He asked if I had ever tried yoga and my response was yes but didn't like it and found that it wasn't for me as I didn't feel I could do it.  He recommended Chelsea Ray and after connecting with her and going to one of her home classes, I soon realized that I could do this!  I really enjoy her small classes and one on one teaching.  Chelsea is so connected in her teaching and her classes are very relaxing. She coaches you and guides you with her yoga practice ensuring that you are doing the positions correctly.  I leave her classes feeling less stressed, stretched and feeling great about what I have accomplished in her class.  I am pleased to say that my blood pressure as of March 2016 was 125/85.  After attending Chelsea's classes, I have now made yoga a part of my daily lifestyle.  When asked now, how do you like yoga I say I LOVE IT!  Thank you Chelsea for introducing your yoga practice to me, it has made a big impact on my life."


If you have any questions or want more details connect with me.


Aldon Rd Kelowna (Rutland area)